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Use your FREEDOM on May 18th 2019, to set someone free from Human Trafficking!
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    Steve Hulteng

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    Awesome work you are doing. Let’s get the Olympic Peninsula involved!

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    Alicia Smith

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    Lisa Wagner

    $25.50 / 79 days ago

    Love this!! More of this needs to be happening in our world. Instagram @eveandarrow we are trying to make a difference for people too. We believe you can be anything. So be kind! I'll be smiling in the mountains thinking about all we raised together!

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    $40.71 / 80 days ago

About #getoutdoorsforfreedom

We believe that Freedom is for EVERYONE! Every day, women and children endure sexual, physical, and emotional abuse without an end in sight. But you can help. Join the movement to get outdoors so that women and children can be free from sexual slavery! All funds go directly to They are fighting slavery in 18 countries and provide resource to 24 local partners. Rescue:Freedom local partners are organizations that are fighting sexual slavery in their local community. 

May 18th is a call to ACTION! It is simple, but when we all unite we can make a HUGE impact! 

What to do:

Grab your crew.
Donate something here and share this page before you get outdoors.
Take a picture.
Post on social using #getoutdoorsforfreedom #rescuefreedom. 
Celebrate with your family and friends that we are ending slavery One life at a time.

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