Dinner is Changing Everything! We're so glad you are joining us at our table : together we are giving freedom.
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Hello Friends,

Dinner is literally changing everything for the women and children that we are able to support through Rescue:Freedom. And it's all because you are willing to see your dinner out in a new way.

The first Freedom Dinner we hosted looked pretty normal. It was just us and 7 friends eating dinner on our deck. What you see today is the result of communities of people rallying around this idea. They are using what they do whether it's baking amazing desserts, growing beautiful flowers, setting tables, washing dishes, designing place cards, or taking photos and all of it is being leveraged for freedom.

It is powerful what we can create together and we are honored to be creating it with you.

Every dollar donated via this campaign page goes directly to Rescue:Freedom. That means you'll receive a tax deduction letter from them at the end of the year. 

Thank you for partnering with us! If you'd like to see Freedom Dinners started in your community email me. I would love to help you host your first dinner.


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