Mel & Stef Hike for Freedom

Mel & Stef / Freedom Hike WA 2019

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    Anna Deck

    $51.00 / 2 days ago

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    Marc Boustany

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    Kerri Wasko

    $25.50 / 54 days ago

    The best people let me tell you. Working for a great cause for sure

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    Kara Walsh

    $51.00 / 54 days ago

    What a wonderful cause. Best of luck!

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    Tommy and Becky Johnson

    $345.67 / 54 days ago

    You are two of the most amazing women we know! We love you both!

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    Lois Erickson

    $30.00 / 54 days ago

    Good luck with this very noble undertaking! I know you will be blessed by your efforts!

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    Stephanie Russell

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    Camela Lowery

    $100.00 / 54 days ago

    Thank you for making a difference in this important cause! May God bless this hike and may many girls and women be rescued because of it! Camela

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    Kara Richards

    $102.00 / 54 days ago

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    Mary Head

    $40.80 / 54 days ago

    May God be with you and protect you on your hike and may He bring healing to those affected by the horrors of trafficking.

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    $102.00 / 54 days ago

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    Brittany Geiling

    $30.60 / 54 days ago

    So cool! Go team, Mel & Stef!!

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    $102.00 / 54 days ago

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    Heather Hughes

    $51.00 / 54 days ago

    Exited for you both to do this together! We hope we can give more as it gets closer!

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    $102.00 / 54 days ago

    Y'all are awesome!

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    Brian Wasko

    $100.00 / 54 days ago

    WriteAtHome supports your hike for freedom!

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    Rich Wasko

    $102.00 / 54 days ago

    Good luck

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    $204.00 / 54 days ago

    Ann and Frank Mohap support Rescue Freedom!

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    $100.00 / 54 days ago

    Melanie Wasko Photography supports Rescue Freedom.

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    Bethany Baird

    $20.00 / 54 days ago

    Love you Melanie and Stef! I hope to add more in the future but this is what I can do now. I’m cheering for you every step of the way and I can’t wait to be there when you come off the mountain and squeeze you both tight.

  • 065cfabd4844ea0415cdead9865ceaab?d=https%3a%2f%2fassets2.kindful.com%2fassets%2fteams%2favatar nophoto

    Craig Wasko

    $50.00 / 54 days ago

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    Gabrielle Gustilo

    $51.00 / 54 days ago

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    Emily Kowal

    $51.00 / 54 days ago

    This is awesome - best of luck on the hike!

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    Casey Baker

    $153.00 / 54 days ago

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    Clifford Graf

    $100.00 / 54 days ago

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    Jennifer Dunbar

    $50.00 / 54 days ago

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    William Hanna

    $102.00 / 122 days ago


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    Merri Bryant

    $50.00 / 122 days ago

    Mel and Stef....YOU show the rest of us how to blaze trails where few dare to go. I gratefully thank you - and appreciate you - for your giving ways. Be blessed! Lenon & Merri

  • 693040c9e547399af3f8c69cc5b75909?d=https%3a%2f%2fassets2.kindful.com%2fassets%2fteams%2favatar nophoto

    Rich Wasko

    $50.00 / 122 days ago

About Mel & Stef Hike for Freedom

Did you know there are more slaves in the world today than any other time in history? Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world, and we are determined to do something about it! I hope you will consider supporting us as we come together and hike for FREEDOM! We are partnering with Rescue Freedom International because we love the work they are doing around the world to bring hope and healing to those in slavery. We are coming together to train and journey across 24 miles of the Cascade Mountains in one day! Every step is for freedom! We have the gift of living free and want to use that gift to set people free! Thank you for joining us!!