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Jeremy Showalter / 2018 Climb for Captives - Mt Hood

Jeremy Showalter / 2018 Climb for Captives Mt. Hood

Today, there are more slaves in the world than any other time in history. 
Join us in the fight.
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    Jeremy Showalter

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    Nathan Showalter

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    Proclaim freedom to the captives!

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    Jeremy Showalter

    $850.00 / 103 days ago

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    Karl O Leary

    $204.00 / 103 days ago

    Well done Jeremy!

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    Marie Laffey

    $50.00 / 104 days ago

    The best of luck with this great initiative Jeremy!

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    Liz Brackett

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    Go Jeremy!

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    Mary Alice Ressler

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    You’ve raised our awareness about this important work. Best wishes for your climb!

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    Melissa Baker Nguyen

    $100.00 / 108 days ago

    Thank you for the opportunity to support this awesome project! Good luck Jeremy!! Duy + Melissa

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    Jason Rhodes Showalter

    $55.00 / 108 days ago

    Thanks for doing this purposeful hike. Enjoy the day!

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    Jeremy - what an amazing cause. Truly inspiring what you are doing here. - Leigh Underwood

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    Stephen Price-Thomas

    $102.00 / 110 days ago

    Have fun - I’d love to join you on a future trip!

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    Aung Maung

    $102.00 / 112 days ago

    Modern slavery is very much a hidden issue. It is present not just in sexual trade but in many other industries where poor migrant workers are exploited by the middlemen and operators. Very glad that there is an organisation dedicated to this issue.

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    Scott Kizer

    $204.00 / 112 days ago

    Look for forward to hearing how it goes, thanks for raising awareness.

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    Keep up the good work and happy climbing!

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    $51.00 / 112 days ago

    Great initiative, Jeremy! Wish you and team all the best with the climb!

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    Elizabeth Weikel

    $109.00 / 113 days ago

    Thanks for using your gifts to make others aware of injustice. Glad to support you and this important cause. Best wishes on the climb!

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    $200.00 / 114 days ago

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    Jeremy Pitman

    $102.00 / 142 days ago

    Go get it brother! Thank you for bringing attention to this heartbreaking issue.

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    Hanh Nguyen

    $50.00 / 145 days ago

    Wish you all the best with the training and the climb!

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    Mark Brown

    $102.00 / 149 days ago

    Great cause, and good luck Jeremy!!!

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    Benjamin Yap

    $200.00 / 152 days ago

    Ben Yap

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    Debra Hernanz

    $100.00 / 153 days ago

About Jeremy Showalter / 2018 Climb for Captives - Mt Hood

I'm thrilled to be part of the 10 Year Anniversary Climb for Captives, climbing Mt Hood this summer (the tallest peak in Oregon).  My goal is to raise $10,000 for this important cause in honor of the 10 Year Anniversary.

Now that my day job is directly related to the work that nonprofits do to provide hope, rescue, and restoration, it's even more fitting to join this cause.  

We're raising funds to provide hope and healing for a group of children rescued from slavery. Please join me in supporting this amazing organization and the work they do. I've know Rob for years and appreciate all that he has done through Climb for Captives and Rescue:Freedom

Every dollar you give will be going directly to ending slavery! Thank you for joining me on this mission!  And wish me all the best in the training!  


Jeremy Showalter, personal sponsorship levels
  • Cookie Monster: $0, you don't need to give money to be part of the team; simply make some cookies or other treat and send them to me by July 28.  I'll ensure the entire climbing team gets at least a few crumbs of the leftovers!  ;)
  • I can sail!: $100, your name will be written on a piece of paper and carried to the summit, my legs will do all the work (safety first and Into Thin Air lessons not withstanding) 
  • Atta Boy: $200, your name will be remembered when I'm taking some amazing GoPro video
  • Little Engine: $500, I will recite the Little Engine phrase 20x in honor of you while hiking
  • Hoodwinked: $1000, you will get a special thank you from the summit
  • Boaty McBoatface: $2000, you have 'nickname for the weekend' naming rights (within reason)

Here’s a glimpse of what you support can accomplish: 
$38/month - Give one woman or child safe-housing for a month.
$142/month - Give one woman or child safe-housing and holistic care for a month.
$1,704 - Give one woman or child safe-housing and care for a year.
$5,000 - Provide a rescued girl with the opportunity to pursue a college education or vocational training.

To learn more, visit Climb for Captives and Rescue:Freedom.

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